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Essential Oils for Anxiety, Grief & Depression



Smell is not only one of the most powerful senses we have it is the primary pathway to the Limbic System.  What is the Limbic System.  In short, it is the area of our brain where emotion, memories, hormones and autonomic influences are active.





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Community Screening: Under Our Skin 2: Emergence 

 In this dramatic follow-up to the widely acclaimed UNDER OUR SKIN, EMERGENCE takes the viewer on a journey from horror to hope. We witness the emerging epidemic of Lyme disease as infection and education spread globally. We watch as the truth emerges about the disease’s persistence and reach, about promising new research, and about medical collusion and conflicts of interest that continue to impede progress. We revisit the characters from UNDER OUR SKIN as they emerge into better health, reclaiming their lives and dignity, and offering hope to the legions now suffering. As Lyme disease surges, EMERGENCE shines a probing light on the issue and becomes a beacon in the dark.



raSa health will be hosting 3 opportunities for the local community to view Under Your Skin Part 2 in Red Bank, NJ. The screening with be moderated by Sharon Rasa, D.C. a Certified Klinghardt practitioner and Lyme literate doctor whose life has been personally affected by Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity.

Discussion of the film and the 5 Level Model of Health & Healing for Lyme Disease (MCIDS) Multiple Chemical Infection Disease Syndrome) will be introduced.

Dates of Viewing: 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday, October, 23, 2014

Thursday, October 30th 2014

Time: 6:30PM


Seating is Limited so please let reserve your seat here


Have you dreamed of doing a Triathlon but found yourself thinking, "I’m TOO old, TOO Fat or TOO Slow?"


Join other woman who thought the same thing and followed their heart to Victory.  


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Women’s Wellness Day






Dr. Rasa is a featured panelist for "Leading the Way to Wellness" event at the Red Bank, NJ Women’s Club Saturday, October 12th from 9 A.M-Noon.  This event is being hosted by the Donnalyn organization.  Come on out for a day of learning  and networking with women on the cutting edge in natural health.  Dr. Rasa will be highlighting her health & healing model  which embraces a "Chemistry to Consciousness" approach.  Details can be found here.







Neck pain Experience Extraordinary Relief!

Your Cells are Electrical! 

Would you like to experience pain relief in 30 minutes or less? Whole Body Rejuvenation in one treatment?
PEMF Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy or Pulsed cellular exercise delivers ultra-fast, low to high intensity, gently pulsing magnetic fields that bathe electrically imbalanced cells in pure, raw energy. Non-invasive, non-toxic and fast acting!

raSa health has added this new therapy to our list of services and are offering FREE introductory treatment sessions .  Who should come?  Everyone with pain!

Do you have a chronic shoulder, back, knee, neck issue?  Do you have limited range of motion?  Fibromyalgia?

Click here to find out how to schedule your FREE session and experience the extraordinary relief millions of people are getting!








2013: Year of the Water Snake:


Women’s Retreat



May 24 – 26th, 2013            

Full Moon Eclipse



Snake comes to you at a time when you are heading for change




The Female Water Snake is known for her incredibly deep and beautiful eyes that denotes wisdom and is synonymous with the 3rd eye or pineal gland, the seat of spiritual wisdom.The ancient alchemists used water snake and their symbolic transmutation of lead into gold and the higher wisdom that comes with the passing of time. Prepare yourself to see a world of beauty and splendor as seen through the eyes of the Female Water Snake.


  • Are you ready  to explore your physical being & the depths of your mind & soul?
  • Have  you been feeling the shift in these unique & potent times?
  • Has your world been turned inside out and upside down?
  • Have you experienced moments of sadness,  confusion, migrating aches and pains, and other unusual symptoms?
  • Do you feel a deep call to look within?
  • Do you find yourself asking "Why am I here?" " What is my purpose?"




If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, 



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Free Health & Healing Restoration Project

Please join us in giving and receiving free health and healing services through the holidays. Services will be provided every Tuesday beginning November 20th through Tuesday, December 18th 2012 from Noon – 7PM. Free services will be provided by licensed and certified local practitioners for those in need.

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Are you ready to..

Hit the reset button

Fit into your skinny jeans

Get your sexy on

Stop the aches & pains

Rediscover you


If you answer yes to any of these then this retreat & cleanse is for you!


Our 1st raSa Retreat & Cleanse is sold out but many asked if they could just do the raSa retreat & cleanse at home? The answer is Yes!

You can take advantage of the very same program we will be doing at the retreat in the privacy of your own home.


Many former cleansers have told me they experienced improvement in symptoms such as:

Nasal or sinus congestion

Constipation or diarrhea

Bloating and/or gas

Digestive issues



Achy joints

The raSa cleanse is designed to give  your digestive system, liver and kidneys a rest while providing an abundance of nutrients with  superior whole food nutrition to the body through enzyme rich juices, blended soups and super foods. Our  nutritional cleanse floods your system with nourishing enzymes, alkaline minerals, and electrolytes.  All of these things contribute to overall well being and vitality.


But, Dr. Sharon..I’m just too busy to do a cleanse & retreat! EXACTLY…it’s because our lives are so demanding and we’re all shuffling schedules, work, family time and other obligations that we need to be at the top of our game.  We can’t afford to not feel well. We have dreams and goals and visions for ourselves.  We want to shine at work and enjoy the fruits of our labor

Too busy? Think again!


What will you get?


You will receive exactly the same instruction our retreat ladies will be getting and I’ll be there to coach you each and every day.

You will recieve a shopping list and recipes you will choose from for breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner

We’ll have a private facebook page where we can meet and share our experience and have your questions answered.

You’ll receive a handout on how to prepare for the cleanse, what to expect and how to transition off the cleanse as well.

You can do it alone, with a friend or with your whole family


Your program includes:

Complete raSa living cleanse guide with step-by-step instructions

A recipe booklet with easy to make, delicious and nutritious meals

A sample menu plan you can use or adapt your own

Retreat guide. Tips and tools for your own personal home retreat

Private Online Support, Share our experience, ask questions, learn from others

Cleanse week: September 17-21

Yes, Dr. Sharon!  I’m ready to feel better, fit into my skinny jeans, stop the aches & pains and find the me I love to be!


  Investment in your health $128



Reserve your spot now by clicking here!


Join me for a 5-day Retreat & cleanse

at the beach



Do you ever wish for a few days away at the beach…some "me time"…time to heal…time to Renew…time to disconnect and reconnect?

Now you can!

When: The Autumn Equinox 

September 9.21.2012-9.25.2012 


In this 5 day retreat you will:

  • Experience a 5-day guided cleanse with whole foods & juices.
  • Enjoy yoga, walks on the beach and stretching classes
  • Connect with your spiritual self
  • Learn with like-minded women
  • Discover new tips on detox, self healing, emotional clearing &  energy medicine
  • Unblock, unleash & unwind

The Retreat is now SOLD OUT. Stay informed for future retreats as well as other events by clicking here



Everything we need for whole health is found in wordwaterlight. Come and learn from Dr. Sharon Rasa as she shares her 25 years as a holistic doctor caring for patients with Lyme, Autism, MS, Fibromyalgia and more and learn about her effective natural healing approach.

7pm, Friday April 13, 2012

Room 1

MindBodySpirit Expo Fall 2012

New Jersey Convention Center, Edison, NJ

Purchase wordwaterlight NOW!

93 pages

 just $11.99








Past Events are Now available for Purchase


September 2011

A Makeover without Medicine: 7 Simple Steps

October 2011

Could MOLD be your Problem?


November 2011

How to Stock a Natural Medicine Cabinet



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