Free Health & Healing Restoration Project

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Free Health & Healing Restoration Project


We are deeply saddened by the extent of the incredible devastation that surrounds us.  The Jersey Shore is now our home, these are our neighbors and our hearts go out to all those who have lost homes, property, and so much more.   And although our hearts are heavy we are inspired by the incredible character, resilience, and strength of the people we see around us, especially the first responders and utility company crews who have been working non-stop to get everyone back on their feet.  We are in awe of the heroism and kindness that is exhibited every day by these tireless individuals working to bring back our affected communities.


Many of our friends in areas like the one you live in has been deeply affected and we hold you all in the deepest part of our hearts. 


We are particularly aware of how this type of stress can impact the health of even the fittest and even worse for those already immuno-comprised.  Each of us is compelled to find a way to make a difference, contribute to our humanity and lift one another up.  We are called to do this through the free Health & Healing Restoration Project.  Please come and be a part of it.  Come to receive care or come to share your gifts with others or do a little of both.  Bring your Moms, Dads, children and neighbors.  We can do this. Let’s do it together!



Please join us in giving and receiving free health and healing services through the holidays. Services will be provided every Tuesday beginning November 20th through Tuesday, December 18th 2012 from Noon – 7PM. Free services will be provided by licensed and certified local practitioners for those in need.


Holidays can add to the stress so many are already having to deal with. This is a time of giving and caring for our community. The Health & Healing Restoration project was created to bring the community together in an exchange of services where many benefit from both giving and receiving the gift of health.


A sample of some of the services being offered include Bodywork, cranio-sacral treatment, nutritional counseling, chiropractic, functional health assessment & evaluation, Blood pressure checks, physical therapy, healthy meal planning, grief counseling, meditation and more.


Licensed and certified practitioners who would like to donate their services and time are invited to contact us The Health & Healing Restoration project will be provided free from Noon-7PM at raSahealth. 312 Shrewsbury Avenue, Red Bank, NJ. To receive services: Please register @ 732 842-2610  Each Tuesday evening will conclude with a healing meditation at 7PM. 


For those who would like to make a donation,   we will be collecting for the Food Bank of Monmouth Country.


Participate as a practitioner:


Thank you for your interest in serving the community by participating in the  Health & Healing Restoration Project

In order to allow for set up and logistics, we request practitioners donate their time in a minimum block of two hours.  You may extend that up to a maximum of four hours per Tuesday.


Please contact us and tell us the service you would like to provide. Please email us at with a brief description of the service or therapy you would like to offer.  We also request a copy of your license or certification.  We will follow up with confirmation and details.

Participate as a receiver of services:


To register Please call raSa health 732 842-2610 or email us at


Restriction: Participants must be 2 years old or older.  All minors must be accompanied by an adult care-giver.









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