A Makeover without Medicine:
7 Simple Steps

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Are you treating your symptoms without knowing what the causes are?




 A recent study asked the question what is more important in life: health or wealth? Hands down the overall response was health. Did you know America spends more health dollars per person than any other nation yet we rank highest in cancer, heart disease, depression and chronic illness?  


It’s time to ask yourself…what challenges are you facing with your health?   Imagine the possibilities of how your life can be different when you feel rested, creative, purposeful, alive and engaged.   When you feel better you perform better.  You can return to the activities you love and have the energy to do them. 


We can all live longer and live better! These 7 simple steps to make yourself over without medicine will show you how.   Our 5 level model of health and healing is a customized approach to understanding your health care needs. 


What can we learn from these 7 steps?    

Here’s what Dr. Rasa will discuss during this Teleseminar lecture presentation:

  • Do your genes actually decide?
  • New ways to build your youthful energy
  • What is the message behind your pain and symptoms?
  • How to recognize repeating patterns
  • How to become aware of what "triggers" you
  • Why intention is not enough



Our commitment is to arm you with choices, options and insight that can determine a greater health picture for you and your family. 




What you will get in this bundle….



One Hour Lecture Audio – MP3 

Accompanying Slide-Show Presentation in PDF format so you can follow along! 


You will receive BOTH the audio & visual files for only…






Now Only: $14.95  





What our listeners are saying….


Awesome, much needed! Information was intense and the speaker very knowledgeable” - Dr. Nancy Erb



 Thanks so much for your Webinar last night; there is so much valuable information. It’s interesting; I’d just read yesterday about the "Earthing", and you spoke of it last night. Of course I know being in nature is so healing, the Earthing idea is a good reminder. I did some of this today (outside in bare feet), & it felt great.I also want to thank you for the help you’ve given me as a patient, even though I haven’t been in for some time now. I got valuable info on avoiding gluten, & potential environmental problems with my house that may be affecting my health. It has been a long process, but we did get the house tested, and are starting to take care of some of the issues.” ~ Nancy Gyuro-Sultzer




“ I Love the audio and the slide show! It’s really nice to not have to worry about writing things down. I can actually concentrate and listen knowing that I can review the slides at a later date and have them available to me.” ~ Sara Loux



Thank you once again Dr Rasa for sharing such helpful information!” Nathalie Breton



Thank you for the wonderful webinar this past Tues evening!! I am looking forward to the slides, as there was A LOT of useful information in them for reference.” Sharon Dittmer, D.C



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