New Year, New You!
7 Week Virtual Workshop

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2012 New Year New You with Sharon Rasa

7 Week Virtual Workshop: 

Introducing a time-tested path to great Health & wellness in just 7 weeks.


After 25 years of working with clients and patients Dr. Sharon Rasa, a principal founder of the holistic health movement, reveals her uniquely transformative process for discovering and living your healthiest life. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, been on a holistic path for a long time or just a beginner…if every thing you have tried hasn’t worked or if you think getting healthy again is just “unrealistic.” Sharon’s methods are so effective they change the lives of virtually all who apply them, revealing new vistas of possibilities and developing healthier habits for life.



Dear Friends,

You long to feel better and get healthier. You feel a pull from within—a persistent inner voice that won’t go away. You yearn for more energy greater fitness and healthier choices for you and your family. You also feel an urgency around activating your full potential and unleashing your best self ever. You know you want the best for yourself  but the challenge of "changing course" sometimes feels like it’s just too much… like you may never truly get there. 

Perhaps, like so many others, you feel: 

  • Ready to feel healthy and fit but after having struggled so much to actualize your health goals, your not sure that it’s really possible.
  • A longing to discover your best weight, your greatest clarity and your — old energetic self.
  • Alone and under-supported to take your life in a new and positive direction, despite having close friends.

Whatever your present situation, you probably know that there could be more. More meaning. More purpose. More passion. More impact. You know we’re at a major shift—in values, in consciousness, in health care—and you know you want to contribute by being your very best.                                     


New Year New You With Dr. Sharon Rasa


This 7 week series –

One hour per week is just what you asked for!


Patients often tell me that they wish their, husbands, wives, sister, brother, friend…etc would live healthier.  They tell me they don’t come in for care because it ….Costs too much, they don’t have the time, lack of motivation or impatience to change.

My commitment to 2012 is to make a difference by making great health care available to everyone who wants it in an affordable and achievable way.


What will you learn? 

  • 10 day cleanse
  • How to work with your energy body
  • Super foods to super charge your life
  • How to get more oxygen into your body
  • How to integrate the 5 level model of health & healing into your daily living


How can it transform your life? 

  • Feel healthier
  • Think clearer
  • More stamina
  • Stir the creative juices
  • Less Anxiety
  • More peace


What difference will you see?

  • A twinkle in your eye
  • Clearer skin
  • Overall improvement in your Life


Here is what you’ll get:



*One Full Hour private phone consultation with Dr. Rasa

She will discuss your personal Health History

and work with you to create 2012 Health goals. 



*Functional assessment of your blood work.

 Did you know most doctor’s are only trained to read lab work for

 what is outside the acceptable “range.”  Functional medicine looks

 at the report and can tell trends, imbalances and disease patterns

 before it becomes to late to change the outcome!


 *Weekly Worksheets to Assess your personal body burden

Parasites / Fungus / Heavy Metal Toxicity / Environmental Toxins / Food Sensitivities & More!


*Learn your  Ayurvedic Type : What’s your Dosha?

(Different dosha’s have different needs. Find out how to Optimize your Dosha!)


*One Hour Conference Calls Each Week!

Every Tuesday from Jan 17 – Feb 28 at 7:00PM EST



*Private Support Group – by sharing within a private group page for our eyes

only….we’ll gripe together, share our stories, post our successes and

laugh our way through the winter together!


Have you imagined what it would be like to feel really good again? 

Fit into your favorite jeans?  Feel sexy, vibrant and alive again?


Together we’ll:

   Eliminate obstacles

   Quiet the monkey mind

   Set realistic achievable goals


Experience weight loss by getting healthier!

Are You Ready?

 Sign Up Today! 


       Early Bird Special Price

             $350 after Jan 1


  $279 Before Jan 1





Do you know someone who might benefit from this course? 


Looking for a special gift? When you purchase two classes, we’ll send you a $50 Gift Certificate to the RaSaHealth Wellness Store!

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