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This blog is dedicated to exploring how to achieve optimal health and healing by understanding the 5 levels which include the physical body, energy body, mental body, information body and counsciousness. We'll explore each of the levels, what they mean, how to work with them and useful "how to's" to implement in your own health care.. We'll learn about ancient healing systems such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda but also stay on the cutting edge with modern medicine and quantum research. When you know more... you can do more. Here you'll learn about personal care and natural cures.


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Family, Faith & Friends

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In my 25 years of practice, there have been some great teaching moments. People often ask, what is the one vitamin, supplement, or exercise they can do to optimize & promote health and well-being. My answer had always been the same…until now. I used to think it was something outside of ourselves that we needed to take or be doing. Now, I understand that it’s what we do within our self that offers us our greatest immunity and well-being. 


Not only is it our inner landscape but it is also a direct connection to our relations and our loved ones. It involves how we perceive, interact and encounter our friends and each other. Through the years, I’ve observed those people who were healthier also had a stronger faith, a stronger connection with family (biologic & blended) and a deep connection to their community of friends.


Did you know we also have two kinds of immunity?  The two kinds of immunity are described as innate and acquired immunity. Innate immunity is the immunity you are born with and is the initial response by the body to eliminate microbes and prevent infection.  Acquired immunity is the immunity one develops throughout life.


Through the work of family constellation I have seen countless examples of people who experienced life changing and even spontaneous remission of disease once they addressed and healed family wounds, restored family dysfunction.What they needed to do next was move beyond the circumstance that was obstructing their view of unconditional love. As my friend, Douglas Economy,often says. This work is simple but it is not easy.


Bruce Lipton, cell biologist and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit, talks about a new concept in quantum biology known as the “biologic imperative.” The biologic imperative describes the drives that biologists recognize that living organisms have for things such as: food, water, and love-making.


Did you know our biologic system has acquired an early warning system that says if we are in threat in any way or if our biology is in some way is being thwarted the system will begin to take action to protect itself? The biologic imperative is waking up people all over the world because we are beginning to recognize that the way we are living is totally unsustainable at this particular moment in our evolution. Our biologic imperative is waking us up…it’s a gut feeling that something is wrong and we don’t know exactly what it is. 


Occupy Wall Street is one example of this drive.  Whereby people across America are gathering to share their voices for change and reject the behaviors which no longer serve us.  They are willing to stand in the rain, thunder and cold hour upon hour no matter the discomfort as long as they can take a stand for change.


There is a mood that we are facing our own extinction.  The threat of extinction is exactly which is alarming our biological imperative and saying something has to be done. Factor in the concept of “emergence.” Emergence  is an understanding in the new world of physics which basically means this:  you can bring a bunch of individuals together and when you reach a certain critical mass…something new will happen and yet no one has the idea from studying the individual pieces that are coming together what that new thing will be.  Emergence says that parts come together and create a new resonance and we have no idea what that could be. 


The concept of emergence says “no one knows exactly what the final outcome will be” but we are going to move from the current place or way of thinking that we have to a new place.  Movement is assured. We can usher in this direction. Toward a place of greater Harmony….a deeper commitment to environmental awareness.  All we have to do is keep our minds free and our hearts open.


The answers lie within.


If billions of stars can make a galaxy, 

Imagine what 7 billion people can do?




A 5 Level Approach to the Holidays

A 5 Level Approach to the Holidays

Since I evaluate all my patients according to the 5 levels of health and healing, it made
sense to me apply this to the holiday season as well. In fact, I’ve discovered approaching
the whole of life from this perspective has enabled me to be more tolerant, more
understanding and more productive. Have a look at what I mean.
First level. Physical. What activities do we love in December? Walking, skiing, cross
country-skiing, dancing & more. On this level I also think of the smells and tastes I
associate with December. As I write, the crock pot is simmering with a winter stew and
A pomegranate is ripening into a deep crimson with promise of antioxidant giving juices. 
Simple acton step: Commit to daily yoga or walks for the month of December.
Second level: Energy body. This is all about making energy deposits into our “bank”
account. Our body is comprised of cavities, i.e. cranial cavity, thoracic cavity, abdominal
cavity…where energy is stored. We can consciously create more energy and store it for
later use. When you are feeling stressed or coming down with a winter cold..you can
draw on these resources.
Simple action step: Use this quick energy building technique
of breathing. Try it. Sit back in your chair. Spine straight and take 6 deep cleansing
breaths. There you have just made an energy deposit.
Third level: Mental. What are you thinking right now? What have you been thinking
about? Have you been thinking empowering thoughts and tapping into the unlimited
potential and creative genius you are. Or have you been riddled with a monkey mind
telling you all the things you think are wrong with you? Check in daily. Are you
complaining about the commercialization of the season or have you stood up and made
a difference by contributing to the stewardship and spirituality of the season? Are you
a part of the problem or are you a part of the solution?
Simple action step. Make a commitment to donate to every Salvation Army Santa you see…even if it’s only 10 cents.
Fourth level: Information. What information are you accessing? Are you surrounded
with healthy life affirming information or is your day filled with news, drama and pain?
Is the music you are listening to inspiring? Do the movies you watch make you laugh?
You can turn it on or off in any given moment. You are at the control switch. What are
you willing to do?
Simple action step. Build a repertoire of music and podcasts on your I Pod that you love.

Fifth level: Consciousness. We are conscious beings. Consciousness and spirit
can be used interchangeably. Without consciousness there is no life. It is because
of consciousness that we have any experience whatsoever. What we perceive in the
outside world is based on our consciousness and what we perceive inside of our self is
also consciousness. Without consciousness you cannot think, imagine or remember.
Deepak Chopra said, “all of our internal experiences: memory, desire, emotions and
behavior are dependent on consciousness. Consciousness is not the epe-phenomenon but consciousness is the phenonomen."

Cultures and religions of much diversity celebrate life throughout December. Christians
have Christmas, African-Americans have Kwanzaa, Jews have Hanukkah, Buddhist’s
have Bodhi Day and Muslim’s have Ashura. No matter where you stand in this group or
what your beliefs are it’s apparent we subscribe to a state of being that moves beyond the
physical body. This state of being is the way. If your state of consciousness is the size of
a pea…you will draw experiences the size of pea into your world…as you expand your
consciousness you will draw experiences to match your understanding. The choice is
always ours to make.
December is the perfect time to expand our consciousness and begin to move into a
deeper relationship with our expanded understanding of all that is.
In my family, we embrace the traditions of Christmas. It is indeed a magical season.
From this place of wonder, I warmly offer you a greeting of a most holy season and A
very Merry Christmas.




‎8 tips for a toxic world

‎8 Tips for a Toxic World



Plastic manufacturers use toxic chemicals in the production of many items we use regularly. Look at the little triangle recycle symbol on the bottom of your plastic bottles. If it’s a 7 this tells you the material is a ‘polycarbonate’ and leaches Bisphenol-A. Bisphenol-A is linked to Cancer & can cause a variety of health problems. Keep those plastics cool.






Staying hydrated keeps our metabolism up and our kidneys flushed & clean. Here is a simple test to see if you have adequate fluid levels: Sit down on a chair with your hand on your lap, face down.  Look at the puffy veins on the back of your hands. Slowly bring your hand up always looking at the veins. Note when they disappear. If it is below eye level, you are fluid deficient.  If they disappear at chest level you are about a quart low. Drink more water! ~ You can also add Selectrolytes™ to each glass you drink to boost your body’s absorption capability.





Sweating releases toxins from the body. We love the Far-infra red Sauna.  FIR stimulates release of toxins at a deeper level than other forms of sweating. If you don’t have access to a FIR sauna some other things you might try are yoga, running, aerobic exercise, or sitting under a warm sun.






The use of mercury is banned in many countries. It is the most toxic of all the heavy metals and is known to be a neurotoxin.

 “A neurotoxin is a substance which inhibits the functions of neurons. Neurons are found throughout the brain and nervous system, and the function of these unique cells is critical for a variety of tasks, ranging from autonomic nervous system jobs like swallowing to higher-level brain function.”






Toxic burden testing tells us something about what chemicals we have been exposed to. Toxin exposures are responsible for many health problems we face today, and many people are dangerously unaware. We use hair tissue mineral analysis, CBC’s (complete blood chemistry reports) and Autonomic Response Testing to help identify a persons body toxic burden. 





I personally don’t own a microwave and encourage my patients not to use one. However, microwaving food wrapped in plastic is a perfect way to infuse the toxic chemicals used to make the plastic into your food – Not a good idea. Instead, warm your food the old fashioned way in a pot or use a microwave safe glass container.







One simple way to help your body get rid of toxins is to take Chlorella. Chlorella is one of the most studied therapeutic foods on the planet. In practice, many patients report chlorella benefits their digestive function, lessens brain fog and provides a general sense of well being.

Studied Chlorella Benefits Include:

  • The ability to strengthen the body’s own ‘anti-oxidant system’ including elevating glutathione production.
  • Proven assistance in detoxification of multiple bio-toxins and neurotoxins including mercury and lead.
  • Its ability to help regulate blood pressure and fat metabolism, improving the functioning of the liver.
  • Immune strengthening properties leading to increased protection against infections caused by bacteria, virus and fungi.
  • Natural support of gastro-intestinal function by cleansing the colon and bowel
  • Its beneficial effects on the eyes when there are tendencies towards macula-degeneration and cataracts
  • Support of healthy bone and tissue growth in children and supply of vital nutrients to bones, joints and muscles in adult

You can order our favorite brand of Chlorella (not all chlorella is created equal!) here at the raSahealth Wellness Store.





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Also, check out these informative resources for more information on toxicity in our lives.






Bonus Tip!






Another form of toxicity we experience in life may be through our relationships with others. Take some time to review, assess, heal & eliminate the toxic relationships that do not positively serve you. Start replacing them with nurturing, supportive, and empowering connections. Your overall health will be much better for it. =)


And as always, if you find this information useful…go ahead & SHARE it with your friends! We can all learn from each other. 




I Can’t Sleep in My House!





I Can’t Sleep in My House!



In the Fall I love to take my heavy blankets to the laundry mat and get everything fresh for the season. I met Bob there. He was doing his weekly laundry at the same time and he told me that he had been sleeping in his van for the last two weeks because his home was flooded after the hurricane, and the mold was making him sick.

As it turns out not everybody has friends and family they can turn to when they are down on there luck. I started thinking about several patients of mine who told me they could not live in their home because their house too was making them sick.

These homes aren’t shacks with leaky roofs. They’re homes like yours and mine. If you think mold only grows in damaged uncared for homes you couldn’t be more mistaken. It happens in every kind of home…..big, small, new, old, expensive and not.

With symptoms like sneezing, sinus congestion, headaches, coughing, allergies and breathing difficulties I couldn’t help but wonder why so many millions of people need Claritin just to get through the day. Did many of these people have an undetected mold issue?

Some people know they are allergic to mold, yet they may not realize that mold is growing in their homes and workspace. Mold is not visible to us until it creates a super-colony of fruiting structures. Mold spores are microscopic. We cannot see mold spores in the air, even when there are tens of thousands of spores in each cubic meter of the air surrounding us.

Did you know mold thrives everywhere from 30,000 feet in the air to the deepest mine in the earth? Author and mold expert, Edward Close, Phd. writes that mold can survive without air, in freezing or boiling hot environments and grows from the tropics to the Arctic. It is one of the most successful life forms on earth right up there with insects and bacteria. Because mold is so ubiquitous, people think it is harmless. He said, “exposure to toxic mold is the most commonly overlooed underlying cause and/or aggravation of many health problems.” Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, author of Mold Illness and Mold Warrior calls mold related illness Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome from Water-Damaged Buildings (CIRS-WDB). 

I’ve seen first hand how mold affects human health. The fatigue, vertigo, sore throat, sneezing fits. Memory loss and flu-like symptoms can be debilitating. Just what is it about mold that affects us? Two aspects stand out: spores and mycotoxins. Both can be airborne and both can cause allergic reactions on the surface of the skin and inside our bodies. They can grow inside nasal passages, sinus cavities, bronchial passage and lungs.

There is so much to know about mold and biotoxin illness that I have decided to offer a one-hour teleseminar to talk about just that. In the meantime, I offer you some suggestions here. There are two things to consider. The mold in your home and the mold in your body.


What you can do for the…

Mold in your home?

FIRST: Professional Mold Sampling
Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI. http://www.ermimoldtest.com/ermi_dna_mold_testing.asp offers several advantages over traditional mold screening methods. Carpet dust acts as a reservoir for mold spores and is more representative of mold levels over time versus traditional short term air samples (Park et al., 2006). Further, the use of a DNA-based method for this test allows for increased precision of mold identification .

SECOND: Diffuse the Thieves Oil Blend

After Sampling is completed, the next step is to diffuse the Thieves oil blend continuously (non-stop) for a minimum of 24 hours in the room or rooms where you have mold. Determining how long to diffuse is related to how serious the mold infestation is.

The recommended cold-air diffuser is very easy to set up and clean. Anyone can do it. No special skills or training are required.

THIRD: Clean with the Thieves Household Cleaner
After sampling and diffusing have been completed, then clean areas with visible mold using the Thieves Household Cleaner (it contains the Thieves oil blend). Use appropriate protective equipment. The absolute minimum required to address mold is the following: I’ve made a short video of how we worked with my neighbor.

1 Bottle of the Thieves Oil Blend -15 ml
1 Thieves Household Cleaner
1 Cold Air Diffuser

After diffusing is completed, clean visible mold and stains with the recommended Household Cleaner, undiluted. Use protective equipment and take precautions to avoid contact with and breathing mold spores while cleaning. Even dead mold spores can cause allergic reactions, so protective equipment is highly recommended.

Mold in your body?

FIRST: Begin to treat yourself and your family members.

A favorite of mine is the propolis vaporizer. Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources.

It is widely know for its anti-microbial, immune modulating benefits. Propolis attaches to mold spores and is amazingly effective in neutralizing mold spores and harmful bacterial in the home. We have them available in our wellness store.

SECOND: Foods to Eat

  • Eat only freshly prepared low-glycemic fruits (peeled) and vegetables.

  • Eat protein: including meats and fresh fish. 

  • Drink bottled water. Tap water contains mold. Try to drink distilled or reverse osmosis water as it retains the good bacteria in the digestive tract.

  • Try to avoid chemicals and additives such as hormones and antibiotics. 

  • Avoid all grains, and all processed/packaged foods.

  • Freshly cooked brown rice is safe. Soak with a little Vitamin C before cooking.

THIRD: Attend my Free Teleseminar

“Could MOLD be your Problem” Tuesday, October 25th.  We’ll look at how mold affects us and learn some simple and effective treatments to consider. Meet me there & bring your family and friends.