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Are you looking to restore your health and implement a natural approach?

  • Have you been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease?
  • Do you suspect you may have a Thyroid disorder?
  • Are you frustrated by the current options for health that seem to focus on drugs and surgery?
  • Do you want to find the root cause of your symptoms?
  • Do you find yourself thinking…"If there’s nothing wrong, why do I feel so bad?"

At raSahealth, "our passion is health because your passion is living!"

Imagine this…

  • A Doctor that listens
  • A Doctor who embraces a Functional and Holistic approach
  • A Doctor who brings 25+ years of experience to every patient she treats
  • A health care experience that embraces the body, mind & spirit

Health means more than taking a multi-vitamin and eating 3-squares a day.

There was a time when this was a sufficient plan.  Not anymore.  Due to the insults to our water, food supply, soil and daily toxic exposures nearly  everyone can benefit from daily detox and mineral support.  Holistic health focuses on the system and not the symptoms.  I became a Chiropractor because having an "adjustment" always made me feel better.  My chiropractor was knowledgeable about fitness, nutrition and wellness.  Tools like Applied Kinesiology and Autonomic Response Testing help our patients uncover hidden dis-ease patterns. They also identify the proper nutrition, optimize detoxification pathways and address methylation issues, as well as identify food allergies and integrate wellness and lifestyle strategies that are customized for their unique needs


Imagine a doctor who really listens.


Imagine working with a practitioner who combines the best of: Chiropractic, Biological, Bio-energetic and Functional Medicine


Beginning with a new doctor is a big step.  Watch Dr. Sharon as she shares her approach at raSahealth .

Every day we are asked "What do you do at raSahealth?" and "Can You Help Me?"


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  Success Stories - L. Roberts (female, 37)  

I came to Dr. Rasa through a friend I met in Pilate’s class.  I felt as though my thyroid was swollen and I just couldn’t loose weight even though I was running, doing pilates and following a whole foods diet.  My Doctors said, "your lab tests are normal."  Then Dr. Rasa ran a comprehensive profile and we discovered I had an autoimmune disease called "Hashimoto’s."  It took a while to help me balance my thyroid through detoxification other lifestyle changes and I learned I needed to talk about the things I was holding inside.  She also helped me find my “gratitude” I had misplaced a long time ago.

- O. Connally (female, 36)

When the doctor’s kept telling me my blood work is “normal”…my blood pressure is” fine,” I knew I needed another way.  Their suggestion for anti-depressants was not an option.  Using Autonomic Response Testing, Dr. Rasa found I had a root canal which harbored an infection and was responsible for the many UTI’s and bladder infections I had throughout the last few years.  She referred me to Dr. Oras and together they helped me get better.  I haven’t had a urinary tract infection in 4 years!

- B. Brooks (female, 52)  

I was being treated by a physician for lyme disease and several coinfections but I still felt pretty miserable.  I decided to compliment what I was doing by using alternative therapies. I learned about the work of Dietrich Klinghardt, and found that Dr. Rasa studies with Dr. K and offers many of his protocols.  I have been working with Dr. Rasa for the past year and I feel like I can think again, the brain fog has lifted, I am able to work and I have hope I will get well again.  Thank you Dr. Klinghardt & Dr. Rasa!

- G. Pierson (female, 46)

I think I would be dead if I didn’t find Dr. Rasa one year ago.  I was 100 lbs overweight, and suffering with chronic fatigue, a mouth full of mercury and a body full of toxins from years spent at racetracks breathing in the exhaust fumes.  I told her she was my last hope, the last doctor I would try to get help from.  I was tired of being alive and I didn’t know where to turn.  She changed my diet, all of my personal care products and she helped me detoxify slowly.  When she told me about family constellation…I thought that was the last thing I would ever do.  I’m so glad I did. Now I am living again, I want to fall in love and have a family.

- K. Robillo (male, 36)

I’ve been seeing Dr. Rasa for 8 years.  As a teacher, I stand on my feet for hours each day and have a long history of back pain.  I fell off my horse several times throughout my life and didn’t want to stop riding but I also didn’t want to be in pain all the time.  I go for chiropractic and cranio-sacral treatments twice a month with Dr. Rasa and I’m able to keep riding and stay away from pain pills.  Dr. Rasa is always there for me.  She has seen me on her days off and even came to my home to treat me.  I bring my whole family to her and I trust her most of all.

-P. Conte (male, 41)

My game is golf and running.  My style is fast & competitive.  I hate going to any doctor and then I met Dr. Sharon after I tripped and strained my hamstring and glutes so bad I couldn’t sit for longer than 5 minutes.  I had a tournament in 4 days and I was really upset. 1st visit for the Sports & Spine Spa package and I was 80% better.  2nd visit. 100% gone.  I not only participated in the tournament I placed better than my previous game.  If you are looking for something that works…you have to do this!

D. Rubin (male 39)

I had two root canals extracted and was disturbed to see the amount of infection that has been residing in my mouth for at least 8 years (coincidentally, the same amount of time I have been experiencing lyme symptoms).  I wanted to express my gratitude to you because if you hadn’t ART tested both as blocked, who knows how long they would have stayed in my mouth.  Today I am grateful, lighter, and so much better mentally than I have been in nearly 2  years.

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