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This blog is dedicated to exploring how to achieve optimal health and healing by understanding the 5 levels which include the physical body, energy body, mental body, information body and counsciousness. We'll explore each of the levels, what they mean, how to work with them and useful "how to's" to implement in your own health care.. We'll learn about ancient healing systems such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda but also stay on the cutting edge with modern medicine and quantum research. When you know more... you can do more. Here you'll learn about personal care and natural cures.


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Is your Wi-Fi signal making you sick?

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It’s called by many names:  EMF Electromagnetic Fields, EMR Electromagnetic Radiation, Electrosensitivity, Electrosmog…it doesn’t matter what you call it- we are all exposed, and while not everyone experiences symptoms, Everyone is affected.


We are subject to natural radiation all day long, both indoor and out.  The sun is our most important natural source of radiation, i.e. sunlight.  We are use to it and most of it is harmless but not all radiation is safe or beneficial.

 Most of what I have learned has come from my patients.  Being in the trenches everyday challenges practitioners to continue to learn and grow in their understanding of what makes us sick and how we get well.

It is no different with wireless technology and its potential health hazards. It began about 10 years ago when I met my first patient who told me they lived in a home without electricity, used carbon based paint and other shielding on their walls, dressed in protective clothing, and rarely  ventured outside of their home.  I admit, I first thought this person may need a therapist more than a functional medicine practitioner. But the stories grew and the patients spoke of unexplained and idiopathic symptoms such as:

  • arrhythmias,
  • ringing in the ears,
  • depression 
  • pain in the teeth,
  • burning,
  • itching, swelling, rashes, night sweats, pain or burning in the eyes and many sensitivities especially light and sound.

At around the same time, my mentor, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D began speaking out about electro-magnetic radiation and reminded us how the brain is a gland (biochemistry) and a bio-computer (electricity) and that a healthy brain has normal levels of hormones, neuro-peptides and nutrients, as well as normal electrical activity, normal blood inflow and outflow and lymphatic drainage in all of its parts.  The brain also has has a blood brain barrier.   In 2008, at the "Healing  the Brain" conference, Dr. Klinghardt presented the cause of most current chronic states of illness were due to sub-threshold infections (such as mold, borrelia, chlamydia, herpes, Epstein Barr, etc) which grow in a disturbed or polluted environment. In one research experiment a mold culture was exposed to EMR (electrical magnetic radiation) while the other was not. The one exposed to EMR had 600 times more toxic biotoxins and its growth rate was dozens of times faster.  For patients dealing with mold toxicity, it has become essential to do home hygiene and address wireless technology.  It appears EMF may not only harm our body’s cells but it may also be impacting the microbes within each of us. This bioaccumulation of  xenobiotics, heavy metals and microbial biotoxins.  has a correlation with the expanded use of cell phone radiation and other sources of EMR.  Research shows the microbes perceive these wireless frequencies as a threat or attack and respond with an increased output of biotoxins and increased virulence of their toxins.   In 2010, at the conference on Autism held by the Klinghardt Academy of Neurobiology, Dr. Klinghardt addressed electrosmog and autism.   There has been a 60-fold increase in ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders in recent years, which cannot be accounted for by improvements in diagnostic methods and can only be explained by changes in the environment.  The increase corresponds in time to the proliferation of mobile telecommunications, WiFi, and microwave ovens as well as extremely low frequency fields from household wiring and domestic appliances.   Dr. Klinghardt taught how the effects of electromagnetic radiation impact the unborn child and focused on two parameters:   1.  The sleeping location of the pregnant mom-to-be,  and 2.  The sleeping location of the infant after birth   When Dr, klinghardt began treating autistic children he noticed what was missing in the conventional approach was a complete lack of understanding how electromagnetic fields may be contributing.   Dr. Klinghardt did a pilot study where they went back to where the Mom was sleeping when they were pregnant with their now diagnosed autistic child and found the average exposure of an autistic child to a non-autistic child was 20 fold higher of the combination of low frequency EMF (from household currents) and the exposure to microwave from incoming cell phone radiation was difference of 20 to 1.       The body acts like an antennae for ambient electric fields and builds up electric tension against the ground. Since our neurons operate at voltages between 80 and 120 milliVolt (mV), the threshold at which artificially induced body voltage interferes with our normal physiology is at a level at or about 80 mV.  The higher the body voltage, the worse damage to the developing neuronal networks, to cell signaling mechanisms, the epi-genome, the cell membrane and interruption or stimulation of cell signaling molecules and damage to the DNA itself.   Microwave exposure of the infant after birth.  Anything  over 1 microWatt/square meter in the sleeping location is expected to cause biological, immunological, physiological and neurological consequences.  The higher, the more devastating.  Known biomedical effects include:

  • Decrease in pineal function with decreased melatonin production (insomnia, lowered immune status)
  • Opens blood-brain Barrier
  • Autism and other neuro-developmental disorders in exposed infants
  • Increased leukemia and cancer rates
  • Brian fog, fatigue, short term memory loss
  • Synergistic effect with all other types of radiation
  • Disturbs all known intrinsic rhythms(EEG, Heart rate variability, breathing pattern,
  • 24 hour meridian activity
  • Bowel movements
  • Detoxification
  • Synergistic effect with other fields, increases mold growth and mycotoxin production in homes
  • Lowered immune status (decreased IL-10, increased IL-1, IL-6, decreased NK cell activity


How may EMR be affecting our physiology?

We have Dr. Martin Pall to thank for his pioneering research in this area.  He is professor emeritus of Washington State University, trained in physics, biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University and California Institute of Technology.  Dr. Poll’s research show that EMR’s work by activating what are called "voltage-gated calcium channels."  These are channels in the outer membrane of the cell which detect electrical changes across the plasma membrane and open the channel.  Because of the structure of the voltage sensor and its location in the plasma membrane it’s extraordinarily sensitive to the electrical forces from EMF’s.  The forces are approximately 7.2 million times stronger on the voltage sensor than they are on single charged electrical groups.  When  they are activated they open up and allow calcium to flow into the cell.  It’s the excess calcium in the cell which is responsible for most if not all of the biological effects.  When calcium is out of balance, which it is in diseases like cancer and arthritis, and probably in all diseases to some extent, there are 10,000 chemical reactions that also become faulty.   The inward leakage of calcium ions from electromagnetic fields also opens the various tight junction barriers in our bodies that normally protect us from allergens and toxins in the environment and prevent toxic materials in the bloodstream from entering sensitive parts of the body such as the brain. The opening of the blood-brain barrier has been shown to cause the death of neurons and can be expected to result in early dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The opening of the barrier in our respiratory epithelia by electromagnetic fields has been shown to increase the risk of asthma in children. The opening of other barriers, such as the gut barrier allows foreign materials from the gut to enter the bloodstream, which may also promote allergies and has been linked to autoimmune diseases. The industry has been claiming for at least 25 years that ionizing radiation is dangerous, but this non-ionizing radiation can’t do anything.  We don’t have to worry about it at all.  Now we know the mechanism of impact with the voltage-gated calcium channels and the increase in calcium signaling.

Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, MSc PhD

His interest in the biological effects of electromagnetic fields dates back over 30 years.  Dr. Goldsworthy draws attention to the similarity between the symptoms of electrosensitivity and those of low blood calcium (Hypocalcemia). The symptoms of hypocalcaemia are very similar to those of electromagnetic intolerance such as:  skin disorders, pins and needles, numbness, sensations of burning, fatigue, muscle cramps, cardiac arrhythmia, g.I. problems and others. His work suggests electromagnetic fields and low blood calcium are removing structural calcium from cell membranes to produce similar physiological effects. The ELF frequencies that give damaging biological effects as measured by calcium release from brain slices and ornithine decarboxylase production in tissue cultures lie between 6Hz and 600Hz.  Virtually all digital mobile telecommunications systems use pulses within this range. In February 2013, Dr. Goldsworthy advised Parliament on the potential risks and dangers as a result of Smart Meters and the impact of EMR on the autistic. Dr. Goldsworthy is an Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College London. He retired from full time teaching in 2004.

I first heard Magda Havas speak in May 2013 at the "Healing Your Brain" Conference held by the Klinghardt Academy.

According to Magda Havas 1 out of 3 adults have mild to moderate symptoms of electrosensitivity.   Magda Havas is Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent Univrersity where she teaches and does research on the biological effects of environmental contaminants.  Magda has co-authored three books on these topics.  She is called to give expert testimony internationally on the health effects of electromagnetic pollution as they relate to occupational exposure, high voltage transmission lines, magnetic fields and both cell phone and broadcast antennas as the science advisor on EMF-related issues. 

 Her website is an invaluable resource to for anyone who is serious about understanding the science, research, and politics of electromagnetic radiation. An important part of her current work is as an advocate for protecting school age children from the harm of EMR and has been producing studies and research on its correlation between illnesses such as: ADD, autism, allergy, asthma, and more. 

Havas Recommendations:

  • No microwave in the home
  • No cordless phone
  • No WiFi
  • No baby monitors 
  • Her acronym is R.I.D.E
    • Reduce exposure
    • Support the Immune system
    • Detoxify.
    • Emotional/psychological trauma needs to be healed 

Silver fillings in your mouth?  Are you at greater risk?

Amlagam restorations consist of mercury, silver, tin, copper and a trace amount of zinc.  The dental amalgam has two fundamental flaws that adversely affect a patients health,  First, all amalgams are cations and the net result of the tendency for covalent ionic and metallic bonding and van der Waals forces between amalgam cations is a weak repulsion so there is a sustained release of mercury and other metals from the amalgam in to the body.

Also, the five dissimilar metals in the amalgam have a galvanic action between them.  Galvanism produces electricity that flows through the body which has been measured between o.1 and 10 microamps, compared to the body’s natural electric current of 3 microamps. Not only do amalgam fillings attract EMR and electricity to your body, they create electrical current, and they contain mercury.


What is Electrohypersensitivity?

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is defined by the World Health Organization as: "…a phenomenon where individuals experience adverse health effects while in the vicinity of devices emanating electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields."

In Sweden, it is classified as a disability.  Health care facilities with low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation are available. The Canadian Human Rights Commission report also acknowledges environmental sensitivity attributed to electromagnetic exposure.  Researchers estimate that approximately 3% of the population has severe symptoms of EHS and another 35% of the population has moderate symptoms such as an impaired immune system and chronic illness (Havas, 2007)

The electrohypersensitive people have their own handicap organization, The Swedish Association for the Electrohypersensitive (http://www.feb.se; the website has an English version). 

Electrosmog Diagnosis

There are electronic instruments which are very objective but cannot predict the biological effect.  -


The keyboards of laptop computers send dangerous radiation into your hands! Solution:  Attach an external keyboard.

2. Exercising on a treadmill raises blood sugar markedly because of the EMF’s! Solution: Exercise out-of-doors.

3. Compact fluorescent light bulbs give off high levels of EMF’s! Solution: Stock up on incandescent bulbs or change to quartz halogen

4. Teachers in “hot rooms” in schools (computer labs especially) took far more “sick” days than other teachers! Solution: Get out of computer labs! General solution:

Buy a Gauss meter and take measurements of EMF’s at home and school.

5. Hire an environmental consultant

6. Biogeometry

7. Meter – Cornet ED88& – Under $200 Amazon

Purchase filters for electrical outlets that block dirty electricity. Remove all computers, plasma TVs and wireless phones from the bedroom

The dangers of Electro-magnetic fields–EMF, EMR, Electrosmog—are now widely recognized as a serious 21st century health threat by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Consumer Report, The Cleveland Clinic and independent researchers from Harvard, Columbia and Yale.

What Can You DO?

Educate yourself and your family. This is easier said than done.  As a grandmother of 5 between the ages of 4-14 and a Functional medicine, bio-energetic practitioner my daily challenge is education on this important topic.  We live in a culture of technology—we all want super downloads, super speed, faster connections, stronger signals which means, more EMF’s.

Human beings are bio-electrical systems.  Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bio-electrical signals.  Environmental exposures to artifical EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body. (Sage, 2007)

This is a fast and changing environment and the fact is we do not have all the answers.  In the meantime, here is a list of action steps to consider for you and your family.

  • Create a sleep sanctuary.  Our brains glymphatic system removes toxic waste at night
  • Metal free mattress & bedframe
  • Sleep sanctuary or turn off the fuses
  • Take rosemary, propolis, melatonin, magnesium 
  • No alarm systems,
  • Put your phone in airplane mode
  • Ethernet
  • Lower exposure – limit wireless including Xbox 360, smart chips, smart meters, Alexa, have digital detox days
  • Get rid of cordless phones and replace with corded phones
  • Use a voice-activated baby monitor
  • Avoid  compact florescent lightbulbs
  • Do not live within 300-400 yards of cell phone towers
  • Use Essential oils, shunghite, structured water, build your energy body and support your immune system
  • Avoid use of electric blankets and waterbeds
  • Lighting:  Try to work with the florescent tube lighting turned off.  Remove CFL from your work area
  • Have a qualified technician measure your  home and workplace for electrosmog

 Join us for a screening of the powerfully moving and thought-provoking documentary, "Generation Zapped" which investigates the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to Radio Frequencies from wireless technology. 

This film was born of a personal and deep investigation by Executive Producer Peter Sullivan as to why his two sons growing up in the tech capital of Silicon Valley, California, were manifesting signs of bein on the autism spectrum.  He teamed with award winning fim director Savine El Gemayel, to create a social-awareness documentary combining personal stories from others directly affected, along with discussions with doctors, health researchers and other experts discovering the mounting scientific evidence.


 Sunday, January 14th, 2018


Neptune, NJ

 This is a Community Service Event hosted by raSahealth

Tickets at the door:  $10

Unity By the Shore

3508 Asbury Avenue

Neptune, NJ 07753

Presentation by  Environmental Consultant, Sal LaDuca, who will share his knowledge from years of studies and experience in creating safe havens for people living in a toxic electromagnetic world.

Followed by discussion, Q&A


Unity By the Shore


Reference Links:


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Are you in…..or Are you out?

Are you in …or are you out... is the question I struggled with most of December 2016.   It was such an internal process that I did not feel up to writing a holiday end-of- year note.  I simply wanted to stay in reflection and contemplate the immense global, economic, social, political, personal changes that we find ourselves in.


As I thought about the year I realized the number of younger patients I was working with had increased by 25%. I was well aware of the research presented by Stephanie Seneff Senior Research scientist at MIT suggesting that by 2025 half of all children will be autistic.


At first I was reluctant to accept younger patients because of the issues of compliancy, comprehension and anxiety levels.  It was my own 13 year old grandson that helped me most.  Once we identified his gluten sensitivity and he began to make the sometimes difficult changes and accepted his new way of eating– the changes for him were so dramatic–he became excited and even more committed.


 I realized it is sometimes more the parents who are most reluctant to make the changes because of the demand it can have on how other family members enjoy and prepare their food.  My grandson taught me young people have an innate trust in their internal compass they use to navigate their personal choices and are often un-waivering once they know "this is the right" step for them.


The other noticeable shift in our practice was the level and intensity of the emotional work we were called to do.  It was clear patients of all ages and different levels of awareness were awakening to the idea that healing emotional wounds, trauma, self image and relationship issues were essential for optimal levels of health and wellness.  Using tools like Applied Psycho Neurobiology and "Tap n Tell" we guided many to identify and resolve hidden wounds of anger, rejection, loss, low self image and lack of self love.


Due to the strong response and release of "Heal Hashimoto’s: Start with the Gut" we attracted many with undiagnosed, untreated and mistreated thyroid conditions.  We served them through a very successful  "14 Day Heal Your Gut Challenge"and patient’s moods, minds and guts  improved.


Patients struggling with infertility issues suddenly found themselves pregnant after we identified, treated and cleared H-Pylori and other chronic infections.


Why am I sharing this?


For the past 30 years I have had the privilege of a front row seat to the health challenges and solutions found when we embrace health from a perspective beyond the conventional approach and incorporate the best of ancient medicine and cutting edge technology like PEMF and the healing potential found in sound, color and light. 


Having the 5 levels of health & healing model as our guide as been invaluable.  Each patient is assessed not only by their personal biochemistry, but also by their mental, energetic and higher levels of consciousness.  We help individuals identify their unexpressed healing essence waiting to be tapped and expressed.  This is available to each and every one of us.


After reflecting on where we were in our practice (which is often a reflection of me) I felt challenged by how we would respond to the ever changing demands of the health challenges we were seeing.  Neurological disease is now on the move to replace both cancer and heart disease as the top cause of death. Here Dr. Klinghardt explains the increase in neurological disease having it’s roots in chronic underlying infections and the immune system’s response to the infections. The same is true for Autoimmune diseases.  


Moving forward I asked myself.  Will you "retreat" or "reachout…"  Will you "isolate or build community?"….will you live from a place of "me…or we?"   We each have to decide for ourself "who are we willing to be in the face of inevitable change?"


You choose whether the events taking place on a personal and global scale will inspire you to step up or step out.  Once I reflected on my "why" I saw the only choice for me was to Step up.  I believe we each have a very meaningful and important role to play in the unfolding of humanity.  We need you.  We need your light.  We need your voice.  We need your gifts.


 Are you in…or are your out?


Health Hacks 2017






Guided by the 5 Levels of Health & Healing model contemporized by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D. pH.D and adapted by raSa health, each patient is assessed not only by their personal biochemistry, but their mental, energetic and higher levels of consciousness.  We help individuals identify, activate and engage their own healing essence.




Physical Level


This level happens over time and is governed by the natural laws that govern five senses.  This is the level most conventional practitioners focus on and treat.


 Hack your Biochemistry


Having been trained in Functional biochemistry we offer every patient an in-depth analysis of their lab work that provides one piece of the sometimes complex puzzle.  It helps to identify areas of imbalance, weakness and dis-ease.  We include biomarkers not conventionally included in most doctor’s offices that allow us to identify trends before they develop into more serious conditions.


 Our motto is early "prevention"…not early "detection."  For a close- up look of this testing and report click here  The "standard" of care by which most practitioners are guided is decided by insurance companies and other regulating agencies.  The "range" that is considered acceptable by most laboratories is based on a population of pathological patients and not on patients with optimal health.  The top hack at this level is working with a practitioner that will order the correct labs and translate them into useful and guided protocals to help you achieve your goals.






 Hack your Microbiome


There are several microbiomes in our bodies including the gut, lungs, sinus, throat and mouth.  Did you know our gut draws from over 90 different bacterial strains to synthesize life enhancing vitamins and other nutrients as well as generate neurotransmitters and neuromodulators. This new understanding demands we shift our focus from "killing & conquering" bugs to living more symbiotically and supporting this community of microbes an rich internal ecosystem. 


I find it fascinating how our internal world is really a microcosm of the outer challenges we face as a nation enmeshed in a debate of building walls or building bridges. Build community or isolate.  Kill or be killed.  I write about this in my book Heal Hashimoto’s: Start with the Gut in the chapter "Gut Bless You."




Energy Level


Yes! Virginia there is an "energy" body.  


This is how brain waves and EKG’s and EEG’s are recorded.  Did you know the heart emits a powerful rhythmic electromagnetic field which can be detected several feet away.  This field acts like a magnet attracting experiences, events and healing potential




The top concern of most patients we serve is pain followed closely by fatigue.  Think of your energy body like a savings account.  Are you making deposits or more withdrawals?


Withdrawals can include:



Poor diet

Food sensitivities

Digital overload

Lack of restful sleep

Lack of exercise


Unresolved psycho-emotional

Lack of community



Deposits/Energy Hacks 


Identifying food intolerances and food sensitivities.  This can bring about the most noticeable changes for many patient symptoms.  Often we are eating "good" foods but they are not necessarily the "right" foods.  There are many lab tests available including blood and saliva but the most accurate testing has been with Autonomic Response Testing as developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., pH.D.  We have the patient bring in the most common foods and beverages and test them directly.  Once we remove the top offenders inflammation reduces, anxiety resolves and weight, gut and mood issues improve.


Turning off the wi-fi at night and removing all cordless phones.



Identifying and correcting sleep stealers.  Room needs to be dark with no blue light.


Detox a little everyday….ionic foot bath, sauna, chlorella, coffee enemas, drainage remedies, clay baths, intermittent fasting, healing broths, remove your amalgams and laugh- out- loud til you cry


Identify the side effects of every medication you are on and ask about more natural solutions with minimal side affects.


Find your exercise style.  It’s different for each of us.  Our bodies are designed to move.  Current lifestyles including now the most popular gadget sold on Amazon the "echo" has replaced our need to get up and move to change the channel, shop for a gift, answer the phone or turn off the lights.  We MUST include body movement as part of our daily routine.  Find your style and embrace it.


Spend time in nature.  Still scores incredibly high in the deposit side of the checkbook.  15 minutes of early morning, late afternoon sun exposure can help to reset and restore the body’s internal biological set points that depend on color, wavelength and light.


Reintroduce the Clothesline


As a child, every Saturday, Mom would hang the sheets and after a bath and a movie I would climb into the fresh, crisp smelling linens.  I have a neighbor who uses the clothesline as an opportunity to pray for each family member as she places their clothes on the line and offers gratitude for the Sun’s abundant gifts.  Nowadays many are relying on synthetic and often carcinogenic chemicals with seductive names like "Ocean Breeze" and Baby’s Breath".  Choose the real deal. UV light provided by the sun is a natural disinfectant and whitener.  The UV from the sun interferes with the reproduction cycle of bacteria by damaging their DNA.  Sometimes it feels like clothes capture the energy from the sun and release it’s healing to you all night long.  Caution: Your neighbors will ask if your dryer is broke






Community – Find and serve your community.  This may be family, friends or like-minded souls you share a common passion with.  Take the cue from nature.  Nature colonizes.  Nature communes.  Nature lives and expresses for the greater good of all…




 Mental Level.  We experience this level through our beliefs, attitudes and thoughts

Mental Hack


3 most frequently found self-limiting beliefs when dealing with the patient’s unconscious mind.


I am safe. 

I am loved. 

I am worthy.




 Scientific American January 2014 had an excellent article on how our unconscious mind exerts a profound influence shaping decisions, molding behaviors and running our lives.


Using Autonomic Response Testing we are able to identify and correct these programming patterns.  Patients experience profound shifts.  Recently I was working with a young Mom who had set the intention to deliver her 3rd child by V-birth.  The challenge was her first two pregnancies resulted in c-sections.  Using ART we discovered her intention was being sabotaged by an early "hidden" trauma where a family trip was quickly aborted to Italy because of her developing Measles.  As a result the client had a noticeable pattern of "unusual stress and disappointment" when plans where quickly changed or aborted.  As a result she often overed crossed her "t’s" and dotted her "I’s to ensure plans were carried out as agreed upon.  This resulted in high stress and continuous disappointment.  Once we uncoupled her emotions and reset her nervous system and body memory she was truly free to align her intention and her attention in a way that supported her personal goal and highest good. 



4th/5th Level



Awareness/Consciousness Hacks





Step one is to begin to become aware of yourself.  Study the above graphic created by Deepak Chopra.  Ask yourself which level of awareness are you hanging out in?


 The word responsibility contains within it the very meaning of responsibility.  The "ability" to "respond."  Not the ability to react.  There is a difference.  When we come from a place of responding it usually emerges from a place of mindfulness and inner guidance.  When we are "reacting" we are simply marrionettes with knee jerk reactions triggering early childhood wounds, beliefs and unhealed trauma.


Hacks at this levels:


Heartmath is a science and solution based technology ideal for individuals, families and corporations.


 They offer courses, tools and products that can be incorporated into every lifestyle for every age to build greater coherence.  Coherence is also something we evaluate in every patient using Autonomic Response Testing.  Coherence refers to order, connection, wholeness.  Blending physics and neuro-science, Autonomic Response Testing is an excellent tool for assessing and correcting coherence in the BioField.  In ancient systems of healing such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayruveda the model reflects the understanding that the biofield is an interface between the environment and physical body.  The model reflects that dis-ease begins at this level and then manifests in the physical body.  Having this understanding allows a skilled practitioner to intercept dis-ease before it is recognized at the physical level and recorded as tissue changes such as tumor, cancer, cyst etc.


Closing Thoughts —-It is much easier to deal with change, conflict, chaos, opportunity and uncertainly when we feel strong and healthy.  Each moment we choose. Health is not something to take for granted.  It requires time, attention and intention.  It is much more challenging to recover from a dis-ease than to prevent the dis-ease in the first place.  Things happen.  We do get sick.  The body can respond.  Build your armamentarium.  Be proactive.  Prepare.


Events will continue in 2017 that can be both shocking and destabilizing as well as ground breaking and revolutionary.  Being flexible and adaptable will carry us a long way.  In order to do this we must be anchored in a reality based in health, vitality and personal truth. This will require deep personal work to identify beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve us and the willingness to move beyond them. 













3 Tests that can save your life


Lab Testing has its place in any practice…but is it enough? 


 It’s often frustrating when a patient hands me their lab work or recent CBC (Complete Blood Chemistry) and tell me their primary care Doc said, "it’s all good ….nothing to worry about" and then we analyze it according to a Functional model and we find a number of imbalances that suggest something entirely different.


It’s important to understand that any lab testing only provides a piece of the puzzle and the information provided is only as useful as the level of skill of as the practitioner analyzing the results.  There is also the pitfall of false positives and samples that have been contaminated or even worse is sending the same sample to three different labs and getting three different results.  I’m often dismayed by what insurance companies are willing to pay and accept as the "standard of care." Some of the most useful biomarkers such as Vitamin D, and  Thyroid antibodies and Leptin are not recognized as "standard of care and Doc’s don’t bother to run the panel because the insurance company will deny payment and the patient will be left paying out-of-pocket.


At raSahealth we have found it valuable to test in multiple ways.  We embrace the 5 levels of health and healing model and we know that bio-chemistry is only one small piece of the human design.


Have you gone to the Doctor with a concern of a small mass or symptom and the Doc say’s I don’t see anything to be concerned about come back in 3 months and we’ll check it again.  Why is that?  It may just be because the Docs know that many of the tests they rely on are not very "sensitive" and if they wait long enough eventually the test will come back positive.  Frankly, the longer you wait to "find" the problem ….the bigger the problem has become.  Cancer has been developing many years before there are symptoms or before the traditional tests we rely on are sensitive enough to detect  the anamoly.  We know the longer you have it…the harder it is to correct.  By the time a mass has developed on a breast and detected through a mammogram it may be several years after the cells began to change.  Therefore,  using "sensitive" tests and cross checking through different systems often reveal imbalances  before they become life-threatening.


One test we can use is a  Functional interpretation of your blood chemistry which compares the patient to a population of "healthy" people instead of a population of sick patients which results in a far wider bell curve and ultimately leads to the Doc saying "you’re blood work was fine!  We’ll see you next year."  Let’s look at this option a little more closely.






Most Docs are using the conventional laboratory reference ranges for blood chemistry and CBC interpretation.  For many practitioners blood chemistry and CBC analysis is a matter of comparing a test result with the conventional laboratory reference range, seeing whether or not the patient’s results are normal or abnormal and attempting to fit them into a particular disease pattern or pathology.  These conventional laboratory ranges are designed to identify and diagnose disease states and pathology.  People who fall within the reference range are assumed to have no clinical signs and symptoms of any disease, and are considered "normal." Have you heard of someone who had just been cleared in their yearly physical only to drop dead of a heart attack only weeks later.


Practitioners of Functional  and holistic medicine understand that symptoms of deep fatigue, migrating muscle aches and joint pain, numbness, tingling, and brain fog is not normal.  Yet our patients with these symptoms do not have a clinically identifiable disease.  As a result they are told by their doctor that they have an "unremarkable" or "normal" laboratory test, i.e. they are "clinically" normal or "it’s all in your head." They may be normal when compared to a database of the sick or diseased , but often they fall into an entirely different light when compared to a population of those with optimal health.  As a practitioner trained in Functional interpretation of Blood Chemistries we know to also look for trends and patterns that may indicate the need for further investigation.  


 This patient’s lab was considered "normal" by his medical doctor yet when we ran his panel  according to functional analysis we saw a pattern of elevated AST, decreased Co2 and increased alkaline phosphotase which placed her at an 78% risk for congestive heart dysfunction.





We can no longer rely on the "standard of care" as dictated by insurance companies.  Insurance companies are in business to earn a profit.  Their focus is sick care not "health" care. 


I’ve posted before about my personal loss and journey with a beloved brother who spent a lot of time in and out of hospitals..  Near the end time when I visited I could see he was very ill.  Yet I asked his specialist how he was doing and they answered "we expect a great recovery!"  I began to weep silently.  My brother asked, “what’s wrong,”….I said, “I hate to see you like this.”  He said, “Why? Do you think I’m sick?…. The Doctors tell me I will recover.”


My prognosis was very different.  I looked at the tongue, the nails, the pulse, the eyes, his bio-field and I saw decay and loss of life. This was a perfect example of relying on labs only or having a Doc who has no skill interpreting the numbers or the signs.  I did not need the "labs" to tell me how he was.  His body told me everything I needed to know.





 This picture represents the 3 levels we are evaluating. (Left) The physical body (through chemistry)  (Middle) The Biofield through Bio resonance and (Right) Autonomic Response Testing.


Have you had the experience where one day your computer "isn’t working the way it used to?"  It’s slower…the files may appear rearranged and everything takes longer.  So you call Tech Support and they guide you through the steps…check the cables, the monitor, the processor, the connections, the keyboard and you say everything is fine….You even bang every key and nothing changes and the voice on the other ends says "everything seems to be fine."  But  YOU KNOW EVERTHING IS NOT FINE.  The breakdown isn’t in any one individual part– it is IN THE WHOLE.  It could be the operating software.  This is why conventional medicine is limited. It only looks at the individual parts  In fact—we have specialists for every part but no doctor to assess the whole.


Bioresonance testing offers a view of the whole.




BioResonance Testing


Information leads to Transformation!



Physical matter is only one interpretation of the human body.   It has been what Western medicine has focused on for the past 100 years.  Other cultures and systems of healing recognize that the body is composed of and emits light.  In fact, these ancient systems embrace a model that understands it is the bio-field that influences the bio-chemistry and many of their treatments revolve around physics and the use of frequency, resonance, sound, light and more.  Therefore, if we are only assessing a patient according to their biochemistry we are missing the forest through the trees.


The bioresonance system we use in our office is based on a "frequency matching" model.  Once the patient is scanned their blueprint is matched against the "optimal" and the results are reported in various graphs, graphics and colors. Perhaps, you are aware of the connection to emotional trauma and heart disease.  There are numerous studies to show the affects of emotional trauma and heart disease.  This information is stored in the bio-field and able to be matched to specific locations in the body.


Remember the patient with the 78% risk for Congestive Heart Dysfunction?  After we performed their Bio-resonance scan we were able to precisely identify the underlying emotional patterns locked in their field indicating an earlier trauma surrounding the concept of "loss." When questioning the patient they revealed the significant loss they had experienced only 3 years ago with the untimely passing of two loved ones. We began a multifacted approach and immediately began to address the underlying factors significantly decreasing their risk.


  What you see here is a matching of the concept of "loss" revealing itself in the "coronary veins" as depicted by the RED in each of the following scans.


Note:  The primary focus in this scan is anything in red.  Notice the "red" indicating coronary veins in the first figure.




Note:  Highest focus is shown in "red."  The concept of "loss"




Can someone die from a brokenheart?   Internationalgriefcouncil.org was founded by three women from three different cultures and three different countries as each of them tell their personal story of how grief and profound loss tore their worlds apart and left them changed forever.  Their lifework is now dedicated to counciling, guiding and helping others with a profound and unshakable sense of loss rediscover themselves and their wholeness.


In our patient care we use Applied Psycho Neurobiology to address this level of healing






Bio Field Testing 




See your health in a whole new light!




 Great minds have often said if  you want to understand life you only have to observe nature.  Most of us have at one time or another planted a seed and watched it grow.  Think of the components you need…seed, soil, water, oxygen and light.   This summer I often sat in the morning and reflected on how the trees in our yard would twist and bend themselves as to only draw closer to the light.  Seasonal Effective Disorder  (S.A.D.) is a condition that effects millions as the seasons turn into winter and our light dependent bodies yearn to feel the nourishing rays.


Our dense physical body is composed of things that the naked eye cannot see–atoms, molecules, chromosomes and cells.  However, words like "atoms," "chromosomes," and "cells" can hardly describe divinity’s creative activities or the true nature of life.   Our cells contain the DNA/RNA memory codes and intelligence factors to access and fulfill their evolutionary advancement.


 In the 1970′s, Fritz-Albert Popp, theoretical biophysicist at the university of Marburg in Germany was looking for the difference between two similar hydrocarbons.  Although their chemical structures are virtually the same, one of them is carcinogenic.  He discovered the only difference between them is how they interact with UV light.  He performed his test on 37 other chemicals, some cancer-causing, some not.  After a while, it got so that he could predict which substances could cause cancer.  In every instance, the compounds that were carcinogenic took the UV light, absorbed it and changed the frequency.   When he presented his findings at a conference for oncologists, they told him it was crazy.  They said his results must mean light is being emitted by cells. Popp said, "YES!"


Popp and one of his students developed a photo-multiplier that could measure light emitted by cells, photon by photon.  His research showed that our own cells produce biophotons that communicate with one another.  These photons are coherent, as in laser light.  Coherent light occurs when the wavelengths are the same and the waves are in phase with one another.  


The work in Biophotons has challenged our accepted understanding of cellular processes. Light does two things in the body.  First, it changes the condition of the atoms for the order of the system.  Second, it transfers information between the cells.  We have over 100,000 reactions per second in each cell.  These reactions must be activated by a process that works much faster than enzymes can.  Only light can do that–provide the information to coordinate 100,000 reactions in each cell per second! The body also uses light to make order, a special kind of order. It is the knowledge and understanding of these principals that encouraged Dr. Klinghardt to develop Autonomic Response Testing. You may  find it interesting to know that this model is accepted widely throughout Europe.  In fact, Dr. Klinghardt has often said his patients in Germany would much prefer a Laser Energetic Detox and Autonomic Response Testing instead of any lab or pills he may have in his black bag.  Yet, his patients in the U.S. are so conditioned to receive a prescription when they go to their Doc they feel like the visit wasn’t valuable if they leave without one.  


There are many tools and techniques to assess the Bio-field.  Autonomic Response Testing is the tool I am certified in and it has been a lamplight on a sometimes dark and lonely path and a wayshower when other Docs said there was no way.


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Autonomic Response testing


If you have read this far then you are one of the few that has begun to think outside the box of our current understanding of health and healing.  Like you–I am on a journey to greater awareness and understanding.  By no means is the information here meant to imply we have all the answers.  Like the popular folk song, "The Bear Went Over the Mountain and …what do you think he saw?  He saw another mountain…"  We are experiencing a paradigm shift in what health is and how to heal.  Everyday there are dynamic leaps in physics and the new biology pointing the way to what may be another mountain waiting to be discovered.  If you are one who has felt the inner nudge that we are more than our biochemistry and know that by not addressing the other principals of human design we are in fact missing the forest through the trees– jump on board and explore what’s possible on the frontier of greater health options.  I’ll meet you on the mountain.


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Passover, Holy Week, New Beginnings & Essential Oils


Passover, Holy Week, New Beginnings & Essential Oils


While there are major differences between these events they all celebrate Spring and hope.  It is at this season of the year, we celebrate the grandeur of all creation in the beauty of the flowers and many contemplate the mystery and the sanctity of all life.



900 Year old Olive Trees as they stand in the Garden of Gethsemane


The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew month of Nissan.  It commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. The Olive Tree flourishes throughout Judaism, Islam and Christianity as a symbol of peace and prosperity, its oils cherished and its growers respected.  Olive oil was a revered liquid in biblical times used for healing, anointing, lighting lamps and for religious purposes more than food.


Rabbis have long identified with the Olive Tree as a symbol of Israel or of the Jewish people, and in the Mishnah, a book of Jewish oral traditions, compiled in the third Century, Rabbi Yohanan asks, "Why are the people of Israel compared to an olive?"To teach you that just as an olive does not give its oil except when crushed, so do the Jewish people do not repent and return to God except after being crushed by suffering."


"Kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth though no fire touched it: Koran, 23:35


But what makes this Holy Week is something else when you consider that  something happened some two thousand years ago, in space and in time, something so shattering that the grinding wheels of fate were stopped and death is now no longer allowed to have the final say.


Let’s explore these events from the perspective of Essential Oils.


Garden of Gethsemane 

The last hours before Jesus’ death were spent with his Disciples in the Garden of Gethsemane which is located just east of Jerusalem across the Kidron Valley, the foot of the Mount of Olives.  “Gethsemane” is derived from the Hebrew words “gat.” Which mean “a place for pressing,” and “shemanium” meaning “oils”  


While most of the original olives trees were burned the oldest trees found there have “miraculously” lived through the past nine centuries bacteria-free, according to molecular research presented at the Vatican Radio in Rome.

When olive oil was extracted in Biblical times, the whole unripe fruit was beaten in a stone mortar or mashed by treading under foot (Michah 6:15) because the whole fruit was crushed with the hard seed, the result is a mixture of the fatty oil of the seed kernel and the aromatic essential oil of the fruit.  The first oil of the fruit is considered both fatty and essential.


Temples,  Synagogues and Churches around the world  incorporate this oil as part of their sacred “anointing oils.”   Til present time much of this oil come from Galilee and the fertile valleys outside Jerusalem.


The Torah: A Women’s Commentary explains that the oil used to anoint sacred objects as well as the priests was to be made of four precious spices — myrrh, cinnamon, cane and cassia — combined with olive oil.


Anointing oils may be blended with Hyssop, Myrrh, Frankincense and others.  Essential oils are referenced in 36 of the 39 books of the Old Testament and 10 of the 27 books of the New Testament.  Revelation22:2 “and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations” and Mark 6:13 “anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them”


Unique Chemistry of Biblical Oils


The dominant classes of compounds in the oils of the Bible are: Sesquiterpenes, Monoterpenes, and Phenols along with Ketones, Aldehydes, and Esters. 


Sespuiterpenes and Monoterpenes can be spiritually elevating by stimulating the pineal gland and their oxygenating capabilities can create an environment that makes it difficult for cancer cells to survive.





Myrrh has one of the highest levels of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that has direct effects on the hypothalamus, pituitary and amygdala seat of our emotions.  Myrrh, like Frankincense is a gum resin from a desert tree of the same family.  Today it is helpful to balance the thyroid and endocrine system and many fungus and viral conditions.  It can be used topically, diffused or inhaled as well as placed under the tongue.





 Frankincense Is holy anointing oil, a cure-all used to enhance meditation and elevate spiritual consciousness, thought to assist one in the transition of death.  Frankincense was used to anoint the newborn sons of kings and priests, which may have been why it was brought to the baby Jesus. 

Frankincense is mostly monoterpenes.   Today, monoterpenes are known to reprogram cellular memory that promotes permanent healing.  It can be used orally, topically or diffused.




Is a steam distillation from bark related to Cinnamon.  It was recorded to be part of Moses’ Anointing Oil. Scriptures:  Exodus 30:24; Psalms 45:8; Ezekiel 27:19,  Today it is considered a natural immune builder with anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  Because is has a stronger and more intense nose it wold be best to blend with milder essential oils before applying on the skin.  Myrrh can provide powerful support to blends when used in very small quantities.





The chemistry of Cypress is 77% Monoterpenes and Cypress trees can live to be 400 years old.  Monoterpenes reprogram cellular memory with correct information thus promoting permanent healings at a cellular level.  Emotionally beneficial for easing feelings of loss and promoting feelings of security.  Can diffuse, apply topically or inhale directly.  The Chinese value cypress for its benefits to the liver and the respiratory system.  


One final thought I would like to leave you with goes beyond the “chemistry” of pure essential oils. 

Electro-Magnetic Properties Essential Oils


Another dimension to the healing properties of essential oils has to do with their electrical properties.  All essential oils carry electrical charges.  These frequencies are measurable with properly designed instrumentation.  The frequencies of essential oils are between 52-320 MHz—the highest of all known substances.  The highest is Rose Oil at 320MHz.  Lower frequency oils resonate wit the bodily systems that have those frequencies, such as the bones and joints. 


By comparison, fresh herbs measure 20-27 MHz, dry herbs 12-22MHz and fresh produce 5-10MHz. 


We know that the human body is made of cells which have both electrical and chemical function.  As a practitioner who embraces a model known as the 5 Levels of Health & Healing we recognize and work with the physics and electro-magnetic dimensions as well as the chemistry and physiology of the human body.  Embracing these properties in accordance with proper usage has been a critical part of our healing tools and protocols.


All oils are not created equal. Let’s save that for another discussion.  What’s important here is to begin to recognize that CPTG essential oils have earned their rightful place not only in our natural medicine cabinet but also as an e-scential part of our spiritual journey as we awaken in consciousness and awareness of our full potential.


Whether you celebrate Passover, Holy Week or the seasonal change of Spring…be sure to include these powerful and potent healing “gifts of the earth.”

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