A 5 Level Approach to the Holidays

A 5 Level Approach to the Holidays

Since I evaluate all my patients according to the 5 levels of health and healing, it made
sense to me apply this to the holiday season as well. In fact, I’ve discovered approaching
the whole of life from this perspective has enabled me to be more tolerant, more
understanding and more productive. Have a look at what I mean.
First level. Physical. What activities do we love in December? Walking, skiing, cross
country-skiing, dancing & more. On this level I also think of the smells and tastes I
associate with December. As I write, the crock pot is simmering with a winter stew and
A pomegranate is ripening into a deep crimson with promise of antioxidant giving juices. 
Simple acton step: Commit to daily yoga or walks for the month of December.
Second level: Energy body. This is all about making energy deposits into our “bank”
account. Our body is comprised of cavities, i.e. cranial cavity, thoracic cavity, abdominal
cavity…where energy is stored. We can consciously create more energy and store it for
later use. When you are feeling stressed or coming down with a winter cold..you can
draw on these resources.
Simple action step: Use this quick energy building technique
of breathing. Try it. Sit back in your chair. Spine straight and take 6 deep cleansing
breaths. There you have just made an energy deposit.
Third level: Mental. What are you thinking right now? What have you been thinking
about? Have you been thinking empowering thoughts and tapping into the unlimited
potential and creative genius you are. Or have you been riddled with a monkey mind
telling you all the things you think are wrong with you? Check in daily. Are you
complaining about the commercialization of the season or have you stood up and made
a difference by contributing to the stewardship and spirituality of the season? Are you
a part of the problem or are you a part of the solution?
Simple action step. Make a commitment to donate to every Salvation Army Santa you see…even if it’s only 10 cents.
Fourth level: Information. What information are you accessing? Are you surrounded
with healthy life affirming information or is your day filled with news, drama and pain?
Is the music you are listening to inspiring? Do the movies you watch make you laugh?
You can turn it on or off in any given moment. You are at the control switch. What are
you willing to do?
Simple action step. Build a repertoire of music and podcasts on your I Pod that you love.

Fifth level: Consciousness. We are conscious beings. Consciousness and spirit
can be used interchangeably. Without consciousness there is no life. It is because
of consciousness that we have any experience whatsoever. What we perceive in the
outside world is based on our consciousness and what we perceive inside of our self is
also consciousness. Without consciousness you cannot think, imagine or remember.
Deepak Chopra said, “all of our internal experiences: memory, desire, emotions and
behavior are dependent on consciousness. Consciousness is not the epe-phenomenon but consciousness is the phenonomen."

Cultures and religions of much diversity celebrate life throughout December. Christians
have Christmas, African-Americans have Kwanzaa, Jews have Hanukkah, Buddhist’s
have Bodhi Day and Muslim’s have Ashura. No matter where you stand in this group or
what your beliefs are it’s apparent we subscribe to a state of being that moves beyond the
physical body. This state of being is the way. If your state of consciousness is the size of
a pea…you will draw experiences the size of pea into your world…as you expand your
consciousness you will draw experiences to match your understanding. The choice is
always ours to make.
December is the perfect time to expand our consciousness and begin to move into a
deeper relationship with our expanded understanding of all that is.
In my family, we embrace the traditions of Christmas. It is indeed a magical season.
From this place of wonder, I warmly offer you a greeting of a most holy season and A
very Merry Christmas.


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