raSa health now in Red Bank, NJ

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RaSa Health now in Red Bank, NJ


Our philosophy at raSa health embraces the 5 levels of health and healing model while utilizing the best of Biological Bioenergetic  and  Functional medicine 


In our new office, we will continue to use chiropractic, naturopathic, biological, bioenergetic and functional medicine to facilitate health in each person’s journey we are privileged to serve.


raSa health  is not about Obama care or Romney care. Our focus is Your Care! We recognize biological individuality and each patient is assessed and cared for according to their unique health journey.


We have found combining the best of biological, bioenergetic and functional medicine works for our patients.  We embrace ancient principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda but also stay open to the emerging fields of Quantum health and the new biology as taught by cellular biologist, Bruce Lipton, pH.d


Mindful Listening and healing touch are still the cornerstones of our work. Yes, we’ve added some new skills such as: Laser energetic detox and refined some of the old such as: Autonomic Response Testing. Most of all we hear the inner call to serve in the capacity of Doctor of natural healing whose vision remains that the body has an innate wisdom and is guided by an intelligence that we still don’t fully understand but whose purpose is still no less real.


Please come by and say hello in Red Bank!

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