New E-Book “wordwaterlight”

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Your body has a blueprint for healing.

Your biological blueprint has the answer!

 Based on 25 years of practice, Dr. Rasa reveals  


  • The nature of living matter
  • How and why we heal (or can’t heal)
  • Cutting edge quantum physics techniques
  • Biophysics, Bio-photons, Bio-field
  •  6 essentials for every patient & practitioner

Well researched, documented, practiced and understood in countries such as Germany and Russia, the U. S. has been slow to respond.  Many already understand these patterns and work with the body as a natural, self-regulating, self-organized and self-healing system. Now you can too!


Your biological blueprint is the nature of living matter and you can access it through wordwaterlight: Your Biological Blueprint. 


  • Identifying and unlocking your biological blueprint
  • Healing beyond your biochemistry
  • The healing mystery wordwaterlight holds
  • How we heal. It’s part of your nature
  • Do supplements make a difference
  • What is the natural healing essence available to each and every one of us and how do we   access it – Why is Autonomic Response Testing such a valuable tool?
  • What do words, water and light have in common and how  healing can be deep and profound when working with them in a sequential and correct pattern
  • All healing must address the emotional imbalance
  • A working knowledge of biophysics, biophotons and the biofield
  • What the Ancients,the Masons, the Russian & German physicists and great minds like DaVinci and Tesla know
  • The sacred geometry of water and you
  • Biological – means "the nature of things." wordwaterlight  explains our inherent nature to heal
  • What most doctor’s don’t know but the Ancients did
  • Why structured water must be part of any health regimen
  • If you are already healthy, this knowledge will help you stay that way!
  • If you are experiencing sickness, this knowledge will help you get well and stay well!
  • Immediate steps you can take today


    Understand the nature of living matter. Utilize nature’s prescription for total health.

    What readers are saying… 

    "As a practitioner Dr. Rasa has just made my work easier.  Now I can offer my patients this informative and educational book and valuable in-office visits can be spent treating, not explaining!" 

    "Finally, someone has made sense out of all the treatments I have received from biological doctors,homeopaths, acupuncturists and integrative physicians. 

    Now, I see how they all work together" 

    "Rasa redefines health care. This is the medicine of the 21st Century” 

    “Couldn’t put it down. Didn’t want it to end”






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