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Can Lyme Disease be Cured?

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  This is a question I am often asked. Having a diagnosis of Lyme myself I have given this a lot of thought. Cancer is said to be “cured” if a patient remains asymptomatic for a period of 5 years.  … Continue reading

raSa health now in Red Bank, NJ

  RaSa Health now in Red Bank, NJ   Our philosophy at raSa health embraces the 5 levels of health and healing model while utilizing the best of Biological – Bioenergetic  and  Functional medicine    In our new office, we … Continue reading

Family, Faith & Friends

In my 25 years of practice, there have been some great teaching moments. People often ask, what is the one vitamin, supplement, or exercise they can do to optimize & promote health and well-being. My answer had always been the … Continue reading

‎8 tips for a toxic world

‎8 Tips for a Toxic World 1.) DON’T LET YOUR PLASTIC BOTTLES GET HOT   Plastic manufacturers use toxic chemicals in the production of many items we use regularly. Look at the little triangle recycle symbol on the bottom of … Continue reading

What are the 5 levels of health & healing?

The 5 levels of health is a model which organizes health and healing into the physical body, energy body, mental body, information body and consciousness. The idea of 5 levels of health is not new.  There are many ancient references … Continue reading

How can you stay healthy through this model?

Recently, a female 42 y.o. patient came to me.  She is underweight, malnourished, fatigued with a constant headache that prevents her from enjoying life, her 2 young children and it has caused some marital discord.  In addition, she has chronic … Continue reading