Life & Death: Two sides of the same coin?

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Life & Death: Two sides of the same coin?
Random yet somewhat connected thoughts are running through my head this morning.
I’m sure the experiences I had this week have a lot to do with it.
My best girlfriend has been in a medically induced coma for nearly 4 weeks after a near
fatal motorcycle accident. That first night in the E.R. I was compelled to stay at her side
through the night. I watched her breathe and I felt her energy. I tried to connect with her
higher self and assure her she wasn’t alone. I had no idea where “she” had gone but I
was certain she would know someone who loves her was near.
For the next month, her family and closet friends kept vigil. I admit there were moments
when I was almost certain she would choose to leave and then as soon as I would have
that thought I would receive gentle assurance, she would stay. When she opened her eyes
this week and I looked deeply into them I knew she was back and the next step of her
healing journey had begun. In moments such as these, words miss the mark. When our
eyes met, our energies merged and somehow we were both comforted and strengthened
by this holy instant.
Contrast this experience with my next encounter which happened in the same week. I
received a call from a local Christian based thrift store owner with a desperate plea for his
wife who was riddled with cancer to use our FIR Sauna. They had no medical insurance,
but hospice had provided them with the meds they needed to keep her comfortable as
the disease raged through her feeble body. The caller said, “I’m praying for a miracle.
our lord and savior has the power to heal her completely and I’m staying faithful to that
When he brought his frail wife in for the sauna, I was overcome by how weak she was
and how he desperately wanted and needed her to live. Even for only one more day.
The next day he called to use our Ion Cleanse, a detoxifying foot-bath, and I thought my
goodness “what could that possibly do”…but I quickly reminded myself this was not for
me to judge, but to serve, so I offered to bring it to their home so she wouldn’t have to
make the trip. She was surrounded by her family and they too were vigilant in her fight.
As an outsider, I couldn’t help but wonder….I had seen life and near death in the
same week. As a practitioner of energy medicine, I thought to myself what is the real
difference between these two expressions. Are they not two sides of the same coin?
Why are we so afraid to die? Do we not die because we don’t want to disappoint our
loved ones? Does our need for our loved one not to die keep them in a state of limbo and
Maybe we need to talk a little more openly about this deeply personal experience we all
will encounter one day. It was interesting to me that I noticed when I was in my friend’s
presence, her “field” was palpable…I could sense her in that way. Yet, with my new
encounter….it felt as though I could see right through her…as if she had already become…
the light.
Someone shared with me that just as a family celebrates with pink and blue when a
baby is born that the angels also celebrate with pink and blue when a new one enters the
kingdom of the great mystery.
Which is better…life or death? I really couldn’t tell you. Maybe they’re just two sides of

the same coin. 

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